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- About Malawi

Lake Malawi is a tropical paradise with palm, mango, avocado and banana trees lining its shores. The blue, tranquil waters ensure wonderful canoeing, while the kaleidoscope of cichlids make for exciting snorkelling.

Lake Malawi travel
Lake Malawi travel

Lake Malawi travel info

Lake Malawi occupies one fifth of Malawi.
This beautiful Lake has been around since about 500 BC and has witnessed many interesting historical events. It was there that bloody massacres between tribes took place. The Lake was also the scene of the first British naval battle and victory of World War I. In spite of the turbulence, Lake Malawi remains unspoilt and one of Malawi's' biggest tourist attractions.

One of the most important features of the lake is its large numbers of fish . There is also the rare Mbuna or rockfish that is most wanted by aquarists world wide for its unusual behaviour and its vivid colouring. Economically the lake supplies work for thousands of Malawians who are fishermen, net makers, canoe makers and of course fish traders. With the fish trading business, the little villages are occupied by the fishermen and you will therefore see many large wooden racks covered by thousands of tiny silver fish that are dried out and wood smoked for inland marketing.

The Malawi government has been very careful not to let Lake Malawi become commercialised, ensuring that those who truly wish to get away will value the unspoilt waters. The visitor to Malawi enjoys the beaches, as they are generally not overcrowded. Along the Southern part of the lakeshore you will get to see the settlement, hotels, campsites and historical sites, but the northern side of the lakeshore is largely untouched by the tourist, making this part with steep embankments which form the walls of the Rift Valley spectacular.

Lake Malawi travel
Lake Malawi travel

Two seasons can be recognised; the dry season from Apr-Nov, and the wet season from Dec-Mar. A brief hot and humid period occurs between Nov-Dec. The best time to travel to Lake Malawi is in the dry season.

450 species of freshwater tropical fish. Spectacular birdlife, including kingfisher, fish eagle, heron, jacana, egret, white-breasted cormorant,

Malaria area - minimize mosquito bites by wearing light, long sleeved clothing and using effective insect repellents (containing Diethyltoluamide DEET) on exposed skin. Sleep under treated mosquito netting or ensure that the doors and windows of your accommodation are screened against mosquitoes. Having a fan or air-conditioner on at night will further suppress mosquito activity. Currently, the three effective anti-malaria tablets are Mefloquine (Lariam or Mefliam), Doxycycline and Malarone (Malanil). It is still possible to contract malaria while on malaria prophylaxis. Note that Lariam may present serious side-effects - please test before you depart.