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Only a few years ago Maputo had no running water and electricity was a luxury but visitors today report that this port city has undergone swift and dramatic changes and developments. The rusty wrecks are gone, the torn-up tarmac repaired and gleaming new luxury vehicles wait impatiently at six-lane intersections now guarded by newly installed traffic lights.

Maputo (and indeed the whole of southern Mozambique) is experiencing a real, unqualified 'African Renaissance' and you can eat at a newly opened restaurant weekly, or recommend yet another just-finished hotel every few months.

Most people use Maputo as just a stopping off point to the beaches and islands of Mozambique but it is worth spending a night here if to do nothing more than visit the amazing seafood market. You can choose your ingredients as you walk around and then drop them off with one of the market kitchens where a meal to rival the worlds best seafood restaurants will be conjured up in minutes

Bazaruto Bazaruto Bazaruto

Bazaruto Archipelago

Opposite the coastal town of Vilankulo, lies a chain of five islands. Once part of the mainland, this “spit” broke away from the African continent 25 000 years ago to form the Archipelago, comprising three larger islands of Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, as well as the smaller Banque and Santa Carolina, (previously known as Paradise Island).

Sunsets, peace and solitude are a reality on the Bazaruto islands, allowing the visitor to choose what to do – or not to do. However, guests can relax on unspoiled, uncrowded, pristine beaches while for the more active there is excellent bird watching, superb diving and snorkeling as well as excellent fishing.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Scuba diving in the Bazaruto Archipelago has been likened to diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The corals alone can keep the diver spell-bound as the full spectrum of coral species are present. Over 600 species of fish have been recorded during Scuba diving. Humpback whales, dolphins and moray eels often accompany the diver on explorations of the marine world. Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill turtles and the mystical dugong are also sometimes sighted.

Bazaruto Island

Ilha Do Bazaruto
The largest island in the Archipelago is Bazaruto Island, approx. 37 km in length and 7 km at its widest point. The name Bazaruto originates from a local word; “Ushurutswa”, which means “island of the mist”; the Portuguese later converted it to Bazaruto. Legend has it that pearls were collected for the Queen of Sheba off the coast of Bazaruto.

There are two lodges on this island of Bazaruto; the 4-star Pestana Bazaruto Lodge Island Resort, which is situated in a sheltered bay below the lighthouse, and the newer 5-star Indigo Bay Island Resort, further south.

The eastern strip of the island is composed of enormous sand dunes. The remainder of the island is thicket, grassland, scrub and wetland. Wildlife species include dolphins, dugongs, humpback whales and marine turtles.
The freshwater lakes are home to big crocodiles. Near the north point of the island is an old lighthouse, the Farol do Bazaruto, built by the Portuguese over 100 years ago. This has not been in operation for many years, but the view from the top of the lighthouse is truly spectacular.
Bazaruto Island has two airstrips, one near each of the resorts.

Benguerra Benguerra Benguerra


Approximately 55 square kilometers in extent, Benguerra Island was originally named “Santa Antonio” by Portuguese explorers and was later named Benguerra after a local Tribal chief.

The island is approximately 11km in length and 5,5km wide and lies 14km offshore from the mainland and the town of Vilankulo.

Cashew nut trees are indigenous and grow on the seaward side of the island. The locals harvest the nuts and the toxic husk from the nuts is used to brew very intoxicating liquor.

Wild orange trees contain a natural strychnine poison when green but can be eaten when ripe. Sisal plants are plentiful and are used in a manufactured form by the locals to repair their fishing nets. Mlala palms are in abundance and the leaves are used for the weaving of mats, baskets and hats, which are then sold. The sap from the stem of the plant is also used to brew potent liquor.

The locals who grow a small amount of sweet potatoes, paw-paws and onions also harvest coconut palms. On the southern point of the island you will find Casuarina trees planted by convicts from Penal colonies in the area during Portuguese rule. The trees are not indigenous and were planted to prevent erosion on the island. The island has a usable hard grass airstrip. Co-ordinates are: 21.51.00S 35.27.00E 1000 metres.

Activities Offered in Maputo and Surrounding Area

City Tour of Maputo
Duration: 3 hours
Moring & afternoon half day tours. Stops include the Fortress, Central Market, Museum of Natural History, Railway Station and the curio market (Saturdays only). You will also pass by City hall, the Botanical garden and Steel House. Your guide speaks English and Portuguese. You will be given time to do some curio stopping en route. Optional extension includes seafood lunch (excludes drinks). Return to hotel after lunch. 
Rate: ZAR 385.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Maputo by Night (Including dinner)
Departure: 20:30
Duration: 5 hours
You will be fetched from your hotel and taken to a seafood restaurant. After dinner local music is on the menu visiting at least 2 pubs. Your evening will end at a nightclub where you may dance or just relax and enjoy the music until 02:00. The tour includes dinner but excludes drinks. Entry into pubs plus a welcome drink is included.
Rate: ZAR 1 504.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)
*Option to have the tour without dinner and entry fees included.  In this case the tour begins at 22:00.

Inhaca Day
Departure from harbor: 08:00 (Check-in at 07:30)
Departure from Inhaca: 15:00 (Check-in at 14:30)
Duration: Full day
Inhaca and Portuguese Islands are located across Maputo bay, 30km east of the city. Please check with us where your boat will depart from. Boats take between 1 to 2 hours to reach Inhaca. Most boats stop first at neighbouring Portuguese Island where you may spend some time swimming. Drinks may be purchased on board. Transfer from Portuguese Island by boat to Inhaca Island takes 15 minutes. Since you will wade through water on arrival be sure to wear sandals and shorts. A seafood lunch at one of the local restaurants can be pre-booked. Remember to pack sun-screen, a hat and a light jacket. Please ask us for information about overnight stays at Pestana Inhaca Lodge. 
Rate: ZAR 930.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Mafalala Walking Tour
Duration: 3 hours
Mafalala is one of the cultural and political cradles of Mozambique. This tour explains local ethno-cultural differences, tells of famous political leaders, writers, musicians and sporting heroes, as well as giving a historical perspective of the last 50 years. While you walk around the streets, alleys and market, you learn about local foods and medicines, enjoy the traditional dance of the Macua people and interact with the local school children. An eye-opening adventure. 
Rate: ZAR 482.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Maputo Special Reserve Day Trip Elephant Reserve
Departure: Dawn
Duration: Full Day
Depart from your hotel taking a packed breakfast with you. Cross by ferry to Catembe and continue via the Hindu temple at Salamanga to the Maputo Elephant Reserve and 4x4 terrain. There is prolific birdlife and hopefully you will see elephants, crocodiles, hippos, reed buck and Samango monkeys en route to Ponta Milibangalala. Lunch will be served at the beach or overlooking one of the many lakes and, time and weather permitting, there may be a chance for a swim at the coast. Transport is in a 4x4 vehicle with driver/guide. Includes lunch, drinks, park entry fees and snacks. 
Rate: ZAR 2580.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Macaneta Day Trip
Departure from hotel: 08:00
Departure from Macaneta: 15:00
Duration: Full day
Macaneta Peninsula is located 30kms north of Maputo. We reach it by the EN1 highway or on the back road passing Costa do Sol. The journey is in a 4x4 and you cross the Incomati River by local ferry. After arriving at Macaneta you will have the morning to swim in the warm Indian Ocean. A seafood lunch will be served at a local restaurant after which you can dip your toes once again in the sea before the return to Maputo. There is the option of booking this trip with a boat cruise up the Incomati River
Rate: ZAR 1665.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Baixa [Downtown] Walking Tour
Duration: 2 hours
Walk along Rua Bagamoyo and discover the origins of the city! Hear about the efforts of the British, Danish and Portuguese to colonize Mozambique and the importance of the South African gold transported through the magnificent railway station. Learn about the area’s social history; shops boasting ‘Paris in Africa’ and the bar life recorded by photographer Rangel. See the extent of the 19th Century city from the Fort wall and hear about the hardships for the early settlers.
Rate: ZAR 306.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Pancho Guedes Walking Tour
Duration: Half day
See his amazing and playful buildings constructed in the city between 1950 and the mid 70’s. Our expert architect will explain how Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright influenced Guedes. Visit where Pancho lived, worked and encouraged the young Malangatana and other Mozambican artists. Also a painter and a sculptor you will see some of Pancho’s unique murals and organic buildings such as the “Delightful Dragon” and “Smiling Lion”. “I claim for architects the rights and liberties that painters and poets have held for so long”- Pancho Guedes 
Rate: ZAR 306.00 per person (Based on 2 adults)

Please note: Rates are subject to change

Please Note: The Mozambican Government has announced an increase in visa fees for tourists to Mozambique with immediate effect. Visa fees at the Vilanculos Airport have increased to USD 95, per person with immediate effect. (Visa fees do vary according to entry point) South AFRICAN Passport holders do not require a visa for Tourism purposes for a stay of up to 30 days. However they do require a valid passport. For further information and visa applications please contact the nearest Mozambique consulate.


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